Who to Contact

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Areas of Responsibility

  • Admin – Kirk Blandford
  • Accessibility – Stedney Phillips
  • Assessments & Donations – Marina Laws
  • Board of Pensions – Tammy Erwin
  • Brasil & South America – Cristiano Valerio
  • By-law Review – Dexter Brecht
  • Church Support – Dexter Brecht
  • Clergy Support & Vocational Leadership – Cathy Alexander
  • Communications – Colleen Darraugh & James Hartman
  • Community Development – Hector Gutierrez
  • Customer Service & General Information – Colleen Darraugh
  • Diversity & Inclusion – Stedney Phillips
  • Emerging Ministries – Wanda Floyd
  • Finance – Tammy Erwin
  • General Conference – Lauren Bennett & Mike Haase
  • IT & Technology – Mike Haase
  • Laity Development – Stedney Phillips
  • Moderator – Cecilia Eggleston
  • Moderator Confidential Assistant – Tammy Rabon-Noyce
  • New Church / Community Starts – Wanda Floyd
  • Operational Development Team Lead – Kirk Blandford
  • Press Relations – James Hartman
  • Resources – Colleen Darraugh
  • Thriving in Ministry – Cathy Alexander or Marie Tasker
  • Translations – Hector Gutierrez

Staff Directory

Rev. Cathy Alexander (she/her)

Rev. Cathy Alexander (she/her)

Vocational Leadership Co-ordinator


+1 310-360-8640 (Ext. 204)

Cathy is responsible for supporting lay pastoral leaders and clergy. She oversees the ordination, licensing, vocational ministry, and retirement processes, and the Thriving in Ministry programme.

Rev. Lauren Bennett (she/her)

Rev. Lauren Bennett (she/her)

Conference/Events Co-ordinator (15 hours)


+1 310-360-8640 (Ext. 205)

Lauren is responsible for our General Conference planning, including working with the venue and planning programming. She also provides support for other events and conferences, where needed.

Kirk Blandford (he/him)

Kirk Blandford (he/him)

Operational Development Team Lead


+1 310-360-8640 (Ext. 213)

Kirk works with the staff responsible for finance, human resources, fundraising, communications, and
information technology. As Team Lead, Kirk also serves on the Senior Leadership Team.
 Rev. Dexter Brecht (he/him)

Rev. Dexter Brecht (he/him)

Church Support and Development Co-ordinator


+1 310-360-8640 (Ext. 207)

Dexter is responsible for supporting the leadership of local MCCs around the world with information and resources especially during times of pastoral transitions, growth and revitalization.
Rev. Colleen Darraugh

Rev. Colleen Darraugh

Internal Communications Co-ordinator (20 hours/week)


+1 310-360-8640 (Ext. 208)

Colleen is responsible for communication within MCC – newsletters, communications from Governing Board, Council of Elders etc. Colleen co-ordinates resources for MCC.

Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston (she/her)

Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston (she/her)



+1 310-360-8640 (Ext. 203)

Cecilia is responsible for leading MCC globally. She is CEO and Chief of Staff, leading and guiding our staff team, Chair of the Governing Board and is a member of the Council of Elders. She is the spokesperson for MCC and is responsible for advancing the vision and mission of MCC worldwide.

Tammy Erwin

Tammy Erwin

Accounting and Finance Co-ordinator


+1 310-360-8640 (Ext. 202)

Tammy manages MCC’s day to day finances and oversees the annual audits. She makes sure that staff stay within the budget and that bills are paid on time.

Rev. Wanda Floyd

Rev. Wanda Floyd

Emerging Church and MCC Communities Co-ordinator


+1 310-360-8640 (Ext. 206)

Wanda supports our new, developing congregations, helping them to grow towards being affiliated churches. She is also responsible for developing and supporting MCCers who wish to form a small community, either online or face to face, where it is not practical to develop a church.

Rev. Elder Héctor Gutiérrez (he/him)

Rev. Elder Héctor Gutiérrez (he/him)

Community Development Team Lead


+1 310-360-8640 (Ext. 211)

Rev. Gutiérrez is the Team Lead for Community Development, and works with the staff responsible for vocational leadership, church development, emerging ministries, inclusion and diversity, and General Conference. Héctor also supports the judiciary process for MCC.

Mike Haase

Mike Haase

IT, Website and Database Co-ordinator


+1 310-360-8640 (Ext. 210)

Mike makes sure that all the IT systems are running smoothly and trains staff on how to use the different programmes we have. He oversees the database and provides information to colleagues to support their work. He also works on General Conference planning and the IT and database support needed for that.

James Hartman

James Hartman

Public Relations and Media Development (contractor, hours vary)


+1 310-360-8640 (Ext. 209)

James is responsible for the creation of press releases and media statements. He also oversees matters dealing with public relations, media relations, publicity, and social media.

Marina Laws

Marina Laws

Assessments, Donor and Fundraising Co-ordinator (part-time)


+1 310-360-8640 (Ext. 221)

Marina looks after our regular donors in the Partners in Hope program, as well as any other donors.  She also works with churches manages monthly assessments and develop assessment agreements which are realistic and recognise the current challenges a church may be facing.

Rev. Stedney Phillips

Rev. Stedney Phillips

Diversity, Inclusion and Laity Development Co-ordinator (Part-Time)


+1 310-360-8640 (Ext. 212)

Stedney is responsible for working with LEAD programme, developing other learning opportunities for laity, and working with diversity and inclusion affinity working groups.

Tammy Rabon-Noyce (she/her)

Tammy Rabon-Noyce (she/her)

Confidential Executive Assistant to the Moderator (part-time)


+1 310-360-8640 (Ext. 214)

Tammy manages the Moderator’s diary/schedule, attends to correspondence, helps to plan travel and other duties. She also provides administrative support for the Governing Board and Council of Elders meetings.

Marie Tasker

Marie Tasker

Thriving in Ministry Program Manager


Marie is the program manager for our Thriving in Ministry program, which benefits and supports pastors in MCC through mentoring, small group work, education, and respite. 

Rev. Cristiano Valerio

Rev. Cristiano Valerio

Brazilian Church Specialist


Cristiano oversees a variety of ministry teams in Brazil and supports ICM congregations there. He works with Rev. Elder Hector Gutierrez to support other leaders and congregations in Ibero-America, as required.

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