The bylaws are updated and changed through votes by Clergy and Lay Delegates at the General Conference. This is the only way that the UFMCC bylaws can be changed. Effectively, the clergy and lay delegates, carrying the congregational vote, write the denominational bylaws.

The process for submitting bylaw proposals to the General Conference is set out at the end of the bylaws in Addendum 1.

All pastors, lay delegates and local church Board members should have a good working knowledge of the bylaws, so that they ensure that the congregation they serve is fulfilling the requirements of being an affiliated church within MCC.

Bylaws of the Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches

Visit MCC’s Resource Bank to download the current and previous versions of the MCC Bylaws. Clicking the button below will take you away from the website and to our google drive.


*In order to download or translate the bylaws, please visit our Google Drive Resource Bank Bylaws folder.

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