Official Statements

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For over 50 years, MCC has had a unique voice, particularly around issues of the intersection of religion and human rights. Sometimes, we are the only queer voice advocating most vociferously for the rights of the most marginalized; and among queer human rights activists, we are often one of the only progressive religious voices connecting justice with faith. Among other “open, welcoming, affirming, or reconciling” churches and denominations, we are unique as a queer religious voice. As events occur in the world, generally, and in the religious world, in particular … our contribution is important.

Here you will find official statements from MCC’s Moderator, Council of Elders, Governing Board, Staff, and other key leaders. 

To read some of the statements MCC has made on various topics, please visit the Statements Folder on the MCC Resource Drive.

Statements include, but are not limited to, such topics as:

  • Anti-Asian Attack in Atlanta, Georgia USA response
  • Black Lives Matter to MCC
  • Cop 26 and Climate Justice: A Call to Action (Council of Elders)
  • Living out the Call to Racial Justice (Council of Elders)
  • MCC as a Sanctuary Denomination
  • January 2021 Attack and Racist Takeover of US Capitol (Joint Statement from all MCC Leadership Bodies)
  • Reproductive Justice (Council of Elders)
  • Welcoming Refugees: A Call to Action (Council of Elders)


Explore More in MCC Official Statements

Visit our Official Statements folder in the MCC Resource Bank for the most comprehensive list of official statements.

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