Churches & Laity

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The most common building block of our movement are our churches. We have congregations around the world who are living out the call to “Transform the World as we Transform Ourselves” in their own communities. Each context for ministry requires a different approach, and local realities lead to differences in how communities conceive of and prioritize those ministries. Our denominational staff is primarily charged with the resourcing and support of churches, as well as their members, friends, and leaders.

MCC has always proudly considered itself a “Priesthood of All Believers” … where laity and lay leaders have as much of a role to play as any member of the clergy. Lay leaders are the lifeblood of our movement, and one of our primary objectives is to resource and empower lay people for the ministries to which they are called. We have programs established to support lay education and formation, and there are many opportunities for lay people in congregations as well as within the larger denominational body of MCC.

In this section of our website, we hope you will find the resources and connections you need to best support your ministries.

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