Clergy in MCC

MCC clergy procession

Do you feel called to be an activist for social justice and equity? Are you drawn to providing pastoral care for the most marginalized members of our society? Did God put a “fire in your bones” to proclaim good news to all who are seeking wholeness and liberation? Would you like the freedom to create innovative and embodied worship experiences? Are you passionate about radical inclusivity and the integration of sexuality and spirituality? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then ordained ministry in Metropolitan Community Churches (MCC) may be for you!

Serving as clergy in MCC can be a richly rewarding vocational experience.. Our clergy are on the front lines, serving in a variety of ministry contexts–as solo/senior pastors, staff pastors, chaplains in hospitals and prisons, seminary faculty, and a number of different social service agencies. MCC clergy come from a variety of religious traditions. Some have served in other denominations prior to coming to MCC; others have been formed and called from within local MCC congregations. We come from a variety of socio-cultural backgrounds and serve all over the world.  All clergy in MCC participate in a process of spiritual formation, education, and preparation for ministry.

If you believe God might be calling you to use your unique gifts for ministry as MCC clergy, please contact us at or review the step by step guide to ordination on our website.

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