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The former Thriving in Ministry program and the Global Leadership Development program are now under one umbrella for all MCC, no matter your location!  We are blessed to have received a “Matching” grant from Lilly Endowment which means everyone is a fundraiser.

Programming will not only encompass the US Clergy, but will encompass all MCC Leaders (Clergy & Lay Leaders). This grant is a five (5) year grant, and one of our main goals is to weave this work into the very fabric of MCC.

Our program was built from the success of our Mentoring Program.  Stay tuned for upcoming dates to apply to be a Mentor and or be mentored.

Pastors and laity have often felt disconnected, and we want to create an opportunity for them to reconnect and develop deep rooted connections with their colleagues.

We will continue to support our leadership with Respite Support and Ministry Support Circles. Please reach out to the Flourish Program Manager at  All your questions regarding how to become a part of Flourish will be answered.


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Garner Institute

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The Darlene Garner Institute for Latin American Leadership was established to provide theological training to  Spanish and Portuguese speaking people who are in formation and discerning a call to ordained or lay ministry.

The Garner Institute will develop new experiences that are responsive to the multi-faceted challenges that are faced in the formation of leaders for lay and pastoral work and the development of congregations in Ibero-America. The proposed approach to leadership development would apply equally to those in the Americas, Spain, Portugal, and other parts of the world. The geographic dispersion, varied economic situations, and systems of discrimination against LGBT people make it imperative that the denomination develop its own strategy of leadership development. The focus of the Garner Institute will include strong education and formation that will help MCC to gain a new understanding of itself and of its mission in Latin America.

In acknowledgement of the diverse needs of pastoral and activist work in the Spanish-Portuguese speaking world, the Garner Institute has these purposes: 

  1. Education and formation of lay leaders, people seeking to become ordained pastors and ordained clergy from Spanish and Portuguese speaking communities through a certification program that has the goal of supporting the MCC mission and vision/aspirations in those places where there is a pastoral and activist presence and need. 
  2. Academic investigation that has the purpose of convening professional academics from various countries so that they can bring together their knowledge in order to facilitate the intellectual development that is appropriate for the different realities and as well as identify those elements that will be shared in common by the students and leaders.

For more information about the Garner Institute, please contact the Vocational Leadership Coordinator at

MCC Spiritual Direction Network

Because we affirm the importance of the individual’s spiritual journey and formation, the MCC Spiritual Direction Network has been formed to bring emphasis to the ministry of Spiritual Direction within MCC. Further, the Network will provide information and guidance to MCC’ers worldwide about the nature and purpose of Spiritual Direction. This Network will bring attention to the Contemplative nature of Spiritual Formation making it a perfect companion for other resources available in MCC. 

Beyond the provision of information and emphasis, the Spiritual Direction Network will serve as a referral source for anyone seeking information about Spiritual Directors who have demonstrated a passion to work from an inclusive perspective. Additionally, because the cost of traditional Spiritual Direction is often beyond the reach of Seminarians, People in formation, and Clergy in transitional or small church situations, the Network is seeking to ensure a pool of Spiritual Directors who are committed to making Spiritual Direction available for all who desire it. Finally, the Spiritual Direction Network will serve as a supportive arena for Spiritual Directors within MCC by providing for open discussion, and resources for continuing education and professional development.

For more information about the network, please contact The Vocational Leadership Team is excited to add this ministry to the other resources that have been made available for all MCC’ers worldwide.

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