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The goal of MCC’s Board of Pensions is to maintain a well-managed fund and dependable service to licensed, ordained MCC Clergy who live in the United States. Working with eligible clergy and responsible financial advisors, we work to contribute a reliable, secure supplement to your overall retirement portfolio.

The UFMCC Defined Benefit Pension Plan and Trust is a secure retirement program that serves those who serve MCC churches in the United States. Our sole purpose is to serve our members: licensed, ordained clergy of the Metropolitan Community Churches who serve ministries in the USA.

The Board of Pensions pursues an investment strategy and portfolio that offers our participants secure, well-funded pension plans. Through sound investment advice and responsible plan administration, we seek to increase the value of pension benefits and protect our participants from market fluctuations.

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Members of the Board of Pensions (USA)

Position Name Email
Plan Administrator Tammy Erwin
President Keith Thompson
Vice-President Rev. Wes Mullins
Treasurer David Barton
Clerk Frieda Smith
Rev. Lillie Brock
Rev. Tom Emmett
Ronald Moore
Rev. Roland Stringfellow
Tim Perry
Rev. Craig Cranston
Rev. Wanda Floyd


Join the Board of Pensions, USA

The Board of Pensions is an active board that oversees and works to improve and expand the Pension for MCC Clergy in the U.S. We have Clergy and Lay Member openings on our National Board, which carry four-year terms. Investment knowledge, marketing, communication, and/or technological skills would perfectly complement our Board make up. Please contact us for more information. Please inquire with Keith Thompson, President, MCC BOP:

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Documents & Forms

Several documents are needed for clergy upon enrollment in the plan, and when they wish to receive the benefit. Forms are also required for quarterly contributions to the Plan. You can access BOP Documents & Forms in the Resource Bank.

Audit Files

The BOP is committed to transparency in reporting. You can view any of our audit files in the Resource Bank.


Official Policies of the Board of Pensions (USA) can be accessed from the Resource Bank.

If you have any questions, please email the plan administrator (

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Defined Benefit Plan?

The Defined Benefit Plan is a pension plan that offers each participant retirement benefits based on a defined or predetermined formula based on years of credited service. (This is different from an IRA or 401k where a participant’s balance increases or decreases with the value of the investments.)

What Benefits can be expected from the Defined Benefit Plan?

UFMCC’s Defined Benefit Plan is intended to serve as a supplementary retirement benefit. It will not provide sufficient income to meet your retirement needs. The plan also provides benefits in the event of disability or death. You’ll need to plan for additional sources of retirement income.

How is the Plan funded?

The Defined Benefit Plan is funded from mandatory contributions from all MCC churches in the amount of $1.75 per member per month (paid quarterly) starting January 1, 2021.

How are Plan funds invested?

The plan consists of a balanced portfolio in professionally managed and monitored stocks, bonds, mutual funds and cash equivalents.  The Board of Pensions overseas investments and is guided by an Investment Policy that balances portfolio risk and reward. Remember, while we invest the funds, each participant’s benefit is based on years of eligible service, not the performance of the plan’s investments.

How do I enroll in the Defined Benefit Plan?

Clergy are automatically enrolled.  We strongly encourage newly enrolled clergy to provide us with a beneficiary form.  (IMPORTANT: Your beneficiary will receive your benefits in the event of your death. Your beneficiary designation cannot be overridden by your will or other documents.  Make sure to keep your beneficiary information up to date.)

You may email the form to or mail it to:

UFMCC Board of Pensions (USA)

PO Box 9917

Wichita Falls, Tx 76308

Please make sure you receive confirmation that we received it.

Why is it that the Board of Pensions only provides a retirement supplement for US clergy and not all MCC clergy?

The Board of Pensions is limited by Federal law and IRS regulations. We are prohibited from creating a retirement supplement for clergy not working in the United States. Clergy outside of the United States may approach the Governing Board to establish a separate pension plan under the laws of their home country.

Summary of Key Provisions

Effective January 1, 2021 


  • The plan is open to licensed clergy at churches affiliated with the UFMCC, to those serving pursuant to an official appointment in the capacity of clergy by the UFMCC (regardless of licensing or ordination status), and to UFMCC denomination staff.
  • As an eligible individual, you become eligible on the January 1 following your completion of four years of service.

Benefit Accrual

  • Your benefit depends on how many Years of Service you have.
  • For most participants, your monthly benefit at Normal Retirement Age is $6 per month times the number of Years of Service you have under the Plan.
  • If you were eligible for the Plan before 2012 and you made the mandatory employee contributions under the Plan for the period before 2012, your benefit is the greater of:
    • the amount determined by calculating $6/month x Years of Service OR
    • $130 per month after vesting (10 years of eligible service)


  • You are only entitled to a benefit if you are vested under the Plan.
  • In order to be fully vested in this employer-provided benefit, you must accumulate ten (10) Years of Service under the Plan or terminate due to death or disability.
  • If you made employee contributions to the Plan before 2012, you are always fully vested in those funds you contributed.


  • Time of Payment
    • You may ordinarily elect to commence benefits if:
      • You have left Active Parish Ministry or are no longer licensed
      • You have attained age 55
    • If you become disabled (as defined in the Plan) prior to leaving Active Parish Ministry or reaching age 55, you may elect to commence distribution at any time after you sufficiently document such disability to the Plan.
    • Similarly, if you die prior to commencement of your distributions, your spouse or other designated beneficiary will receive a survivor benefit under the Plan.
    • If your benefit commences before you reach age 65, it will be actuarially adjusted to reflect the fact that it is paid (or begins to be paid) at the earlier date.
    • Conversely, if you continue to serve as clergy and take your payout after the age of 65, your benefit will be actuarially adjusted to reflect the fact that it is paid (or begins to be paid) at a later date.
  • Form of Payment
    • You may receive your vested benefit in a lump sum. This must be calculated by our actuary at the time of payout. Advanced estimates cannot be made due to the fluctuation of the markets. Please allow 30 days for all calculations to be made.
      • If your benefit is valued at $20,000 or more (determined under the terms of the Plan), or if you became a participant before January 1, 2012, you may also elect distribution in the form of a monthly annuity. (IMPORTAT: Note that if you select annuity option, monthly payments will cease upon your death without any survivor benefits.)
    • If you are married, your spouse must ordinarily consent to your distribution election and form of payment.

Years of Service

  • You receive credit for one Year of Service for each calendar year in which you complete 520 hours of Active Parish Ministry.
    • Under a special rule, you will receive credit for a full Year of Service for the calendar year during which you first perform Active Parish Ministry (even if you complete less than 520 hours in that first calendar year).
  • For the purposes of the Plan, “Active Parish Ministry” means service as a clergyperson under a license issued by the UFMCC at a church affiliated with the UFMCC, service pursuant to an official appointment in the capacity of clergy by the UFMCC (regardless of licensing or ordination status), or service as licensed denomination staff.
    • For purposes of the Plan, “Active Parish Ministry” does not include service as a chaplain, service in another denomination, or service in a non-parish-church-ministry.
  • If you leave Active Parish Ministry and later return to it, your service from both periods is combined in order to determine your Years of Service under the Plan.
  • In addition, you may receive service credit for certain periods of leave, such as leave to perform military service.

Special Notes

  • If you were enrolled in the plan and therefore required to make employee contributions to the Plan before January 1, 2012, but did not do so, you cannot receive credit for those unpaid years of service prior to 2012.

This summary is not intended to supersede any provisions of the Plan, and in the event of a conflict between information presented here and the Plan document, the Plan document will control. You may obtain a copy of the full Plan document by contacting the Plan Administrator at

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