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The goal of MCC’s Board of Pensions is to maintain a well-managed fund and dependable service to licensed, ordained MCC Clergy who live in the United States. Working with eligible clergy and responsible financial advisors, we work to contribute a reliable, secure supplement to your overall retirement portfolio.

The UFMCC Defined Benefit Pension Plan and Trust is a secure retirement program that serves those who serve MCC churches in the United States. Our sole purpose is to serve our members: licensed, ordained clergy of the Metropolitan Community Churches who serve ministries in the USA.

The Board of Pensions pursues an investment strategy and portfolio that offers our participants secure, well-funded pension plans. Through sound investment advice and responsible plan administration, we seek to increase the value of pension benefits and protect our participants from market fluctuations.

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BOP Resources

Documents & Forms

Several documents are needed for clergy upon enrollment in the plan, and when they wish to receive the benefit. Forms are also required for quarterly contributions to the Plan. You can access BOP Documents & Forms in the Resource Bank.

Audit Files

The BOP is committed to transparency in reporting. You can view any of our audit files in the Resource Bank.


Official Policies of the Board of Pensions (USA) can be accessed from the Resource Bank.

General Documents

FAQs, Join the board, Members of the board, Key provisions etc.

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