Flourish is new!

The former Thriving in Ministry program and the Global Leadership Development program are now under one umbrella for all MCC, no matter your location!  We are blessed to have received a “Matching” grant from Lilly Endowment which means everyone is a fundraiser.

Programming will not only encompass the US Clergy, but will encompass all MCC Leaders (Clergy & Lay Leaders). This grant is a five (5) year grant, and one of our main goals is to weave this work into the very fabric of MCC.

Our program was built from the success of our Mentoring Program.  Stay tuned for upcoming dates to apply to be a Mentor and or be mentored.

Pastors and laity have often felt disconnected, and we want to create an opportunity for them to reconnect and develop deep rooted connections with their colleagues.

We will continue to support our leadership with Respite Support and Ministry Support Circles. Please reach out to the Flourish Program Manager at Flourish@MCCchurch.net.  All your questions regarding how to become a part of Flourish will be answered.

Frequently Asked Questions

Lilly Endowment awarded MCC a $500,000 dollar matching grant. We have combined this grant with the Global Leadership Fund giving us the ability to bring programming and support to all Leaders (Clergy & Laity) within MCC to Flourish in their ministry.

What is the focus of the Flourish program?

  • The focus of the program is to support all clergy and pastoral leaders, (no matter the geographical location) particularly those who are experiencing Change.  Change comes in a variety of ways that includes both professional and personal.  

How will this program be accomplished?

  • Mentoring is the primary focus of the program. We will train Mentors and connect them with a mentee. The program encompasses a one-year period. We will also provide culturally appropriate programming that fits into the needs of a geographic area.  

Can I be a Mentor and a Mentee?

  • Absolutely, you can fulfill both roles, but it is unusual to fulfill both roles at the same time.  Many of us have strengths in one area and could use some wisdom from others to navigate something we aren’t quite as knowledgeable about.

Is there an application process?

How will my church benefit from this program?

  • As leaders, when your ministry thrives due to connections with others, it will reflect in your renewed energy to focus more fully on your ministry.

Will I or my church have to pay for this program?

  • The Flourish grant is about partnering with you, and even though the majority of the fees for programs will be covered, this is a matching grant so there may be times when a fee might be charged.  

Where can I get more information about Flourish.  

Are there other programs that are sponsored by Flourish? 

  • Flourish offers Respite, Ministry Support Circles and Strength Finder training.  Programming that meets the needs of you as a leader.  

Please note not all programming translates (in terms of language and culture) into the different areas where MCC is located.  We want to bring programming that meets the needs of your local area.  Reach out to the Flourish program manager with your thoughts and ideas of what programming you believe may meet those needs.

Email: The Program Manager at Flourish@mccchurch.net

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