Engage with MCC

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Do you believe in the mission and relevance of MCC?  If so, you can engage with us further to help us grow and become more effective.

The best way you can become engaged with MCC is to become a leader in your local community (find a local church or ministry at visitMCCchurch.com). Contact your local church pastor or your lay leadership. Make an appointment to discuss your passions, your interests, and the ways in which they might best fit it and complement the ministries of the local church (or help them expand if they do not exist). 

There are also ways in which you can volunteer and become involved with our larger global movement. We can only do what we do with volunteers and connections around the world who believe in us and want to help advance our mission. If you would like to become more involved, the best thing to do is contact a member of staff (see Who to Contact) to explore opportunities.

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