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If you believe in the core values, mission, and vision of MCC,

If your own life or the life of someone you love has been positively impacted by MCC,

If you or someone you know need more of the ministry of MCC where you are,

… there are many ways you can help us to accomplish our shared mission.

Financial donations are one important and very effective way to do this, though certainly not the only way. Please consider pairing your donation of time, talent, energy, ideas … with a financial gift … to increase your impact.

Even a small donation every month will help us. 

To donate by mail: Write a check made out to “Metropolitan Community Churches” and put the name of the fund you want to donate to in the memo line of the check.

Send your check to:

Metropolitan Community Churches

2775 NW 49th Ave

Ste: 205-327


Florida 34482

We will put every donation to use in reaching and engaging:

  • those who believe they are unloved by God and unable to be part of a church/spiritual community as their full selves
  • those most in need of the inclusive love of God and God’s people
  • those who want to find a radically loving and accepting church
  • those who desire a community with whom to engage in acts of compassion and justice to make the world better, especially for queer and otherwise margnialized people
  • those seeking something we haven’t yet named, but that we are uniquely poised to provide (MCC is still innovating and trying to meet needs as they emerge) …

Make a General Fund Donation

Explore Other Donation Options

Partners in Hope

Click the button below to learn more about MCC’s Partners in Hope program.

Legacy Giving

Click the button below to learn more about planned giving with MCC.

Endowment Fund

Click the button below to learn more about supporting MCC’s future.

Global Leadership Development

Click the button below to learn more about MCC’s Global Leadership Development program.

Thriving in Ministry

Click the button below to learn more about MCC’s Thriving in Ministry Sustainability Grant.

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