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MCC Establishes First-Ever Endowment Fund

The Universal Fellowship of Metropolitan Community Churches was established in 1968 and has been engaged in global ministries for over 50 years. Our unique calling is more relevant than ever. We are still needed in communities around the world as one of the only faith organizations (if not the only organization in many locations) rooted in and reaching beyond the LGBTQ2+ communities. We offer a message of hope to people around the world who have never been able to reconcile their sexuality or gender identity with their spirituality. We have literally saved lives, from our very beginning until today.

In the past, we have perhaps not paid enough attention to our longer-term institutional financial health and survival. That is changing.

We are very proud to announce that in 2019, the first-ever MCC Endowment Fund was established to provide financial support for our future. It is also greatly significant that this was done during the COVID-19 pandemic.


In 2019, Rev. Elder Troy Perry and Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson (the Moderators of our denomination for over 40 years) decided, generously, to use the celebration of their 80th / 70th birthdays (respectively) to raise funds to support this movement that they have given their lives to. Our goal was to raise $150,000 USD in order to do two things: (a) Raise immediate funds for racial justice work ($50K) and (b) to establish the first ever endowment to secure our future ($100K).

Joyfully, we surpassed our fundraising goals for that first campaign and were able to fully fund both of these projects beyond our initial hopes. This is due to the generosity of so many people whose own lives have been impacted by MCC.

The MCC Endowment Fund is now regularly taking donations through one-time, recurring, and legacy gifts. Monthly balances are included in MCC’s regular financial reports.

The MCC Finance Team (comprised of Staff, Governing Board Members, and Key Volunteers with financial expertise) worked hard to find the best firm to work with us. After a thorough process of requesting and reviewing proposals, we are elated to have selected Henderson Financial Group, Inc. (HFG) as our firm of choice. HFG has worked with us to establish an Endowment Committee as well as thorough policies to guide and govern our use of the fund.

The MCC Endowment Fund utilizes Social Conscious Investments that match MCC’s values.

We are currently working to develop/revise our policies, and we are very proud of our progress. Not only have we established the fund, but we have also been able to do so with Socially Conscious Investments that match MCC’s values.

If you would like to contribute to MCC’s Endowment Fund, you can do so directly at this link ( And, please consider naming this fund in your will or estate planning.

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