Kinship Groups

Two smiling people with trans flags on their shirts

Kinship groups exist in MCC to build community among people of shared demographics. Many of these groups represent marginalized communities, who are often most in need of connection with one another to build solidarity and support.

The following groups exist or are being created:

  • Asian and Pacific Islander
  • PAD (People of African Descent)
  • North American Hispanic
  • Latinx Ibero/Hispanic
  • First Nations/Indigenous People
  • PoEuro (People of European Descent)
  • Transgender / Diverse Genders
  • Disability Access
  • Mental Health Visibility
  • Young Adults
  • Veterans
  • Polyamorous
  • Retired Clergy

If you identify with any of these categories and would like to connect with others, please contact to coordinate with our Diversity & Inclusion Co-ordinator.

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