Judiciary Process

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The Bylaws of 


Addendum 4 (Effective January 2024)

“Metropolitan Community Churches is a beloved community of justice, compassion, and reconciliation. We also seek to be a community of accountability and restoration. We call ourselves to the highest level of professional ethics, especially among our ministry leaders. We strive to hold each other in graceful accountability to authentic, integrated, and embodied ministry with one another and with and among God’s people.”

In MCC, we hold our lay and clergy ministry leaders to high standards of behaviour and ethics.  The judiciary process is the formal process to raise a concern about a ministry leader’s behaviour, only after directly speaking with the individual or formally writing to the body that the person is accountable to (i.e. the local church board) has not resolved the situation.

Very occasionally, there are circumstances where the situation includes very serious allegations, such as sexual misconduct, potential civil or criminal charges. In such cases, the judiciary process is the most appropriate channel for raising the concern. 


MCC Judiciary Process Forms & Documents

Click the button below to visit MCC’s Resource Bank for complete forms and documents regarding MCC’s Judiciary Process as outlined in Addendum 4 of the MCC Bylaws.

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