Words Matter

Apr 5, 2024Clergy Posts

April 4, 2024
Metropolitan Community Churches
Statement by the Council of Elders

Words matter. 

It has become increasingly evident there is a significant rise in hate-speech and anti-trans rhetoric globally. And, we know words do not exist in a vacuum. Words can hurt and harm as well as spur people to acts of violence. Misunderstanding, mis-information, and biases may be among the root causes and yet there are real-world and real-life consequences for those who identify as transgender, nonbinary, gender expansive+ who are placed physically at-risk and kept from living their life to its full protentional — as authentically who they are. 

Words matter. 

And we, the MCC Council of Elders, as the spiritual leaders of our denomination, are called to denounce the words that hurt and harm that are fueling anti-transgender laws, withholding necessary medical care, and the rising violence against people in Scotland and other places around the world. These words and actions, that harm and divide, do affect us all. 

Over the course of human history, important questions have been placed before us that are especially critical during times of strife, disaster, and uncertainty: Will we stand together? Will we help? Will we choose to look beyond difference to bring healing or use difference to effect greater harm? 

As faithful followers of Jesus and his teachings, our words must be of love and justice that grow beloved community. Love is indeed the greatest good and holds the power to bind us together in ways that make it possible to survive and even thrive — whatever we face in life.

Words matter. 

Words can harm or heal. Words can unite or divide. Every day, we choose the source of our words – be it Love or Hate. We pray the God of love who IS love* will help us choose wisely and compassionately and that our actions will be in furtherance of love. No doubt, at some point, each of us will need that same compassion, help, and healing. It is up to each of us (and all of us) to make sure this is provided.

May it be so, we pray, with words of love.

Rev. Elder Aaron Miller
on behalf of  The MCC Council of Elders:

Rev. Elder Cecilia Eggleston, Moderator
Elder Hattie Alexander-Key
Rev. Elder Mark Byrd
Rev. Elder Nokuthula Dhladhla
Elder Velma Garcia
Rev. Elder Rich Hendricks
Rev. Elder Elaine Saralegui Caraballo
Rev. Elder Stuart Sutherland

 * (1John 7-8, NIV) “ Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.”

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